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How to Roll & Cut Cookie Dough

Learn how to roll and cut cookie dough in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, plus get tricks and tips on handling dough. From our collection of Step by Step and Holiday cooking videos.

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Hi. I'm Tracey Seaman, the test kitchen director at Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine. Today we're gonna roll out cookie dough. Here I have some sugar cookie dough from our vanilla bean snowman cookies. Now this dough has been chilled so you wanted to handle the dough as little as possible. It's wrapped in wax paper and so we just need unwrap it and then get the surface ready for rolling. Here I have some more all-purpose flour, I'm gonna take a nice lot of it and put it on my work surface. Now if the dough is really cold, you wanna soften it a little bit but not too much. If you handle it too much with your hands, the butter will become too soft and then it'll be hard to manage. But this is nice and firm. I could tell by pressing on it with the heel of my hand. So first we wanna dust the surface with flour. You wanna toss the flour across so it's lightly coating the surface. I'm gonna take the rolling pin and dust that also because this dough is slightly sticky and I'm gonna press on the dough to get it going. Now when rolling the dough it's important to remember to roll from the center of the dough away from you and towards you, because if you start here you can create a bump in the middle of the dough. This way you have a nice even surface of dough. So again I'm gonna do dust the top and start rolling from the center away. Now we're gonna rotate the dough. You don't wanna turn the dough over, you just wanna rotate it. Now the dough is probably sticking to the work surface at this point so I have two tools that I like to use for this. One is a bench scraper, this one is a great one 'cause it has a roller right on it and that way if you need to measure your thickness which you will have to do, you can do that with this. More flour. Roll again-- 'cause you wanna always keep the dough in a circle. You don't have to lift the rolling pin off when you just sort of, you know, roll it freely from one direction to the other to get back to the center. Another tool I like to use when the dough is bigger-- when the dough circle is bigger is this large offset spatula which you can slide nicely under there to loosen the dough. Okay. Gotta rotate it again and we're almost to a quarter inch thickness which is what we want for this nice dough. Now that my dough is a quarter inch thick I'm ready to cut it out. Now over here, I have a stack of baking sheets. You can use flat cookie sheets or these shallow baking sheets and I have it already lined with non-stick baking mats, you could also use parchment paper. Okay. Now I'm gonna cut some Christmas trees. I'm gonna put the cutter as close to an edge as possible and press in into the dough. Now, you don't wanna cut a bunch of cookies and then remove them. This is very soft dough So you wanna remove one at a time right after you cut. See those still cool enough that I can just pop the cookie out. Put it on my sheet. There's a lots of different things that you can use to cut cookies if you don't have fancy cutters, you can use an inverted glass, you could cut them out with a knife if you wanna just have squares or rectangles. I wanna get as many as possible so I'm gonna try to cut this close as I can so that maybe I could get two more out of this dough. These cookies don't spread very much so we can put them pretty close together. Now, I'm gonna gather up my scraps, put a little bit of flour down, we're gonna knead the dough into a disc. It's kinda sticky so we just have to have a light touch, pat it and turn it, looks like kind of a hockey puck and then I'm gonna re-wrap this in parchment or plastic or wax paper and throw it back to the fridge to re-roll it a little bit more later. I just use wax 'cause this is what my mom always did. I've re-rolled my scraps so I filled up the tray with cookies, they're gonna go into the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then they'll be ready to go into the oven. Thanks for watching.