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Instant Appetizer: Bacon and Bean Dip

Learn how to prepare a quick and simple Bacon and Bean Dip appetizer in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, plus get tips on easy ways to entertain. From our collection of Easy Entertaining videos.

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-Hi, I'm Tracey Seaman, test kitchen director at Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. And today, we're gonna make a great instant hors d'oeuvre. It's a bacon and bean dip. This is made in the food processor. First, we're gonna add a couple cloves of garlic. I like to use 3 'coz I like mine with extra and a nice big hand of Italian parsley that was already rinsed and dried. We're gonna process this until it's finally chopped. You'll know it's done when the parsley sticks to the side of the bowl then we're gonna add 2 cans-- 15-ounce cans of cannellini beans. These have been drained and rinsed. I like to rinse beans because it takes away some of the sodium and lets the bean flavor come through. While the beans are pureeing, add some olive oil. Now, I added just enough oil to make it creamy, about a third of a cup. I'm gonna scrape down the side of the bowl once and just puree it a little bit more. Now, you'll see the dip has a nice little flat green color. Transfer it to a bowl. There's still little bits of bean, which is nice so you have a lot of texture. And then when you get down to the point where you have most of it removed then you have a lot of it stuck on the blade here, I like to put it back on and give it another whirl. In that way, all of the puree comes off the blade and it makes it easy to get out. See, the blade's clean. I can just easily scrape out the rest of it down. Now, if you-- this is an Italian sort of dip. If you wanna make a Mexican version, you can use black beans. You can add jalapeno. Instead of the parsley, you can add cilantro. You could also do a Middle Eastern version with chickpeas and a little bit of tahini and lemon juice, and any of those are great. You could then-- I'm gonna add-- this is about 4 strips of bacon that was cooked in the microwave. Bacon usually takes about a minute in the microwave on average depending on your microwave and depending on the thickness of the bacon. I would recommend putting paper towel under the bacon and then laying the strips out evenly in another sheet of paper towel on top. You can add that and a little bit of pepper. A lot of pepper and some salt, not too much salt because you want to taste it before adding too much salt. Now, we need some more salt. And then to save time for the second taste, I use the other end of the spoon. Well, that's great now. I like to serve this with store-bought pita chips. You can find them in the chip aisle. Sometimes stores have their own brands. You can get them flavored, but I like them just plain salted. So, put the dip. You're just gonna spoon it right in. Alright. And then the finishing touch is a nice little drizzle of great olive oil. There you go. Instant bacon and bean dip. Thanks for watching.