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Magazine Test Kitchen Tour

EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine staffer Jessica Wozinsky takes us on an exclusive tour of the office’s test kitchen, with ideas you can use at home.

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-Hi, my name's Jessica and I work at Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. This is our office where we produce the magazine. The coolest feature about this place is our test kitchen where we make all of the recipes. I'm gonna give you a tour of that today. Right here, we have our demo kitchen. You might recognize this from where we shoot our step-by-step videos for the web and where we take the photographs for the No Recipe Zone and Sweet Spot section of the magazine. And right here, we have our test kitchen. This is where we test every single recipe in the magazine. This is our test kitchen staff. We have Tracey, our test kitchen director, and Katie, our test kitchen associate. What are you guys making today? -I'm working on pies for summer for our Eat and Run column. I'm working here on a puffed pastry gilet with fresh peaches and raspberries. And earlier today, I made a blueberry pie and a cherry crumb pie. We also are making a piña colada pie that we'll be featuring on the web. And also, we made some granola, which is very delicious, earlier today. -Oh! -Wanna try some? -Sounds good. Yeah, of course. What are you working on, Katie? -I'm working on prepping some green beans for our green beans side dish that's gonna have a nice mushroom cream sauce and some sprinkled crushed potato chips on top. It's gonna be good veggies. -That sounds delicious. Yeah. -This is so good. Thank you. Come right this way. I wanna show you some more great features in our test kitchen. The test kitchen has a lot of great built-in features. For instance, this cutting board is built right into the counter. We never have to look for one. Another wonderful thing about it is that it's conveniently located right above the trash can. So, whatever we're cutting, put it right in here. This trash can is one of Rachael's favorite things. It's on wheels. We can roll it around, take it to whatever work station we needed to and then just put it back when we're done. Here we have our refrigerator. It's fully stacked. We re-stack it everyday. One cool feature about this refrigerator is that if we leave the door open, it will start beeping to let us know to close it so our food doesn't spoil. Here in this section of the test kitchen, we like to have everything out in the open for easy access. Up here, we have our pots and our pans. These are everyday dishes. We have this great lights underneath the shelves so that we can see whatever we need to grab. We have magnetic strips over here where we can put our recipe so that we can see them without having to touch it, flip pages. This magnetic strip over here is where we keep our knives. The knives don't take up any counter space at all and we can easily see whichever one we wanna grab. I love this drawer down here. This custom-made Lazy Susan makes it really easy. This drawer over here is really cool too. This whole set, you can open them from here this side or from the workstation on the other side as well. In every area of the kitchen, we're always looking for ways to utilize space. Here in this cabinet, we keep our canned goods and our condiments. And underneath the oven here, we have a step stool. Here, we have our spices. There are alphabetized so that's really easy, but they also save space because they're right up against the wall. You may have also noticed that our walls are all painted with chalkboard paint so we can quickly right something on there right our shopping list and this is just like in Rachael's show. She has the same thing for her shopping list. Right in here is our pantry. We're all stacked up. We have our washer and dryer. At the end of the day, we put our aprons, dish towels in there, and then we're ready to start again tomorrow. Thank you so much for joining me on this tour behind the scenes at Every Day with Rachael Ray.