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Fun Ideas to Personalize a Party

Rach’s design buddy Evette Rios shares easy entertaining techniques, tips and tricks to make a personalized birthday party for a special guest of honor.

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-Hey, I'm Beth and I'm one Rachael's content buddies and I'm here to show you guys 3 really cool ideas about how you can make your next birthday party totally rocking. These are so easy and simple. Well, the first thing is you wanna start with games. Everybody loves games and they bring people together. They're good ice breakers, and this is a really fun little ice breaking game. Just get a bunch of index cards and write some names of famous people. Of course, Rach is in there, and we got some other ones. You know, I'm doing a little bit of a retro 80 things. So, we've Cyndi Lauper and Michael J. Fox or little bit of some--, and of course Mr. G. So what you're gonna do is when guest come in, you secretly without them knowing pin this onto their back, so they don't know who they are and then throughout the rest of the night, they interact with everyone at the party and ask yes or now questions to try to figure out who they are and at the end of the night you give someone a prize or big kiss or whatever. You know, when they figured out who they are. So, that's a cool little icebreaker because it gets people to interact, ask questions. It's really fun. Then I love to incorporate games actually into my table top, and this is pretty cool, I think. So, these are little travel games that come in a bunch of little retro ones. There's the Sorry I've Got Operation and of course Mr. Potato Head, but what you do is they've got little clips on them and you can just clip them onto your wine glasses and they act as little wine charms and everybody knows which glass is theirs and they're great takeaway and this cost 4 bucks, so cheap, and it makes a huge impact on the table. I also have scrabble, which is one of my favorites in games and I just have the little rocks and use the scrabble letters to spell out everyone's name, so everybody knows where they're sitting. Then, use the scrabble board also as a centerpiece and don't forget a Magic 8 Ball is such a nice little fun treat to have around because you can always, you know, ask questions like am I gonna get something fantastic for my birthday. Let's do this test. As I see it, yes. Well, that's great. And the next thing you wanna incorporate is mood lighting because everybody loves mood lighting. It really sets the tone and this is a really cool little project. Start out with just regular Christmas lights like this. These are C7 Bulbs. There's the big chunky ones that used to have when you're a kid and you just take CDs. Now, CDs are obsolete or DVDs because everybody got the MP3 player and digital music. So, instead of throwing this out, you can recycle them by unscrewing the bulbs to your Christmas lights and just sandwiching your CD like this. I'm putting the bulb right on through. In the way, the CD acts as a little reflector and if you happen to have CDs that are different, you know, you can keep them that way, or you can even spray paint the back to make them all match, whatever you want, but it's a really cool little touch to add to your next party. You can also use CDs as little place settings for votive candles because the little reflected metallicness reflects and it makes it really sort of super festive. So, I've got those right here, and now the final touch for your birthday party. Everybody loves a cocktail, but how about a custom cocktail and it's so easy to make a custom cocktail. You basically take an old favorite and just tweak it a little bit and name it after the birthday boy or girl. So, I'm just gonna tweak Rachael's favorite drink, the Moscow Mule, which is a really tasty one. I've got some ice in the shaker, and I've got some ginger beer right here, and basically this drink is 2 parts ginger beer, one part vodka, mixed in the shaker, and then garnish really nicely. The Moscow Mule usually has regular vodka. I chose a little bit of the lemon vodka. So, there is my little variation and I can personalize it. So, I put my ginger beer inside of my shaker. That's about right, 2 parts, and then I'm gonna take some vodka, put it in there, a little bit more just for good luck. And then I'm gonna give it a little shake like so, and then I've got a little cocktail glass here that's got some ice in it. Just gonna pour my Moscow Mule over the ice, and then you wanna garnish it with a wedge of lime. Give it a little squeeze and toss it in there and some sprigs of mint because everybody loves a little mint, maybe a little bit more. And there you go, you've got your custom cocktail, you've got your place setup, and you're gonna have a great birthday party.