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Makeover: Dining Nook Fixes

In this kitchen makeover video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, watch Rachael Ray's design buddy Evette Rios make over a dining nook on a budget, creating lots of hidden storage.

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So, this is a really cool area of their kitchen. This is the breakfast nook and I love it because it's light and it's bright. They added yellow color, it's maybe a little too sunny, so we're gonna tone that down with paint that makes it real consistent with the rest of the kitchen. And then here, we've got a little bit of an issue, the chairs when you pull them out, they bump up against the wall, so we're gonna add a banquette that will go all the way across this wall, and it will have storage Underneath for paper towels, paper plates, whatever linens. It's a great, great feature. This breakfast nook got so much cozier with the edition of this banquette. I just love this and it's got storage underneath for all their hard to store items. We've added a magazine rack so you can always have your favorite magazine at your fingertips. This is a really cool edition, it's a centerpiece but it also helps Heather and Marty go green with cloth napkins. So now, it looks beautiful and it's really functional. I hung their Tiffany style lamp here. I think the color works so well in this kitchen. We added some new track lights, took away the old, put pendant lights and then with CFLs which is in keeping with their green theme. We also added crown molding which helped us resolved a little drywall issue but it added a great accent. And check this out, fresh herbs at their fingertips while they're cooking, they've always got them in arm's reach. This is my favorite part of the kitchen. I love it.