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Makeover: Spice Rack How-tos

Watch how to make a modern magnetic spice rack out of a few inexpensive items from Rachael Ray's design buddy Evette Rios, plus view more weekend kitchen projects and ideas from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine.

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The first thing you're gonna need are these little things called Watchmaker's Cases. These are sold in a box. I bought this entire box of them for $9. So, you take one of these. You need a magnet, bunch of magnets and a hot glue gun which everyone should have, they're really, really easy to use and they're so great for a ton of different uses. So, you take your magnet, put a little bit of glue behind it like so, just about that much. And then you just place your magnet on your-- the back of your case. I wanna put it towards the top 'cause I'm also gonna put a label on there, so I know exactly what spice I'm gonna be refilling. So, I like to use these little label makers, they're so convenient, they help keep you organize all around the house. So, I'll just print a little label here, and this one says "Close" 'cause that's what I'm gonna put inside of it. So, I'll just peel it off, put it here on the bottom, and then I've got my cloves right here to fill up spice holder and walla! How cool is that? You've got your spice in there, you've got the label on the back, so you know exactly what you're pulling off the side of the fridge. I think this is a really great trick. I love it.