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How to Cut Up a Pineapple

Learn how to cut a pineapple in this video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, plus get tricks and tips on the best way to cut and slice pineapple. From our collection of Step by Step cooking videos.

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Hi, I'm Teri Tsang, the food editor here at Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine and I'm going to show you how to cut up a pineapple. When selecting a pineapple, you just wanna find one that has firm, prickly flesh, that's more yellow than green and give the bottom a good sniff. It should smell more tropical and fruity than anything. Some people think, that if you remove a leaf from the top it shows that it's ripe. That is not true. Just make sure you smell the bottom of the pineapple to know if you've got a sweet one or not. And so first you're gonna lay it down flat crosswise, and we're gonna trim about a quarter inch from the top and bottom of the pineapple. And we can actually use this as a decorative top, so I'm just gonna go ahead and stick it right on the platter. And now we're gonna trim from the bottom of the pineapple, cut a little bit more off. Just so you can see from this part, you don't want this really tough core remaining, it's a little too close to the bottom. So I just went ahead and cut off another piece and see if we've got more under the center. And then now, you can just stand it upright and begin cutting off the sides, working back and forth in a sawing motion. And these dark spots here are called eyes. And what were gonna do is try to guide right off of that line there and attempt to try to cut off the skin and most of the eyes without losing too much of the flesh, and get rid of all the skin. And, I'm going to show you a few different ways to cut up the pineapple. For this little bit, you can actually just make a small incision with your paring knife and remove it. The eyes tend to be a little bit bristly so you don't want them in your-- in your pineapple chunks. All right, so the first shape I'm gonna show you how to cut-- leaving the pineapple on its side, you're gonna cut it crosswise into a ring. And using a cookie cutter-- and this is from a small pin of like cookie cutters that you can pick up at in any kitchen supply store. I'm gonna core out the center of the pineapple. And there you go, you got a ring, or you can cut this in half, for 2 little half moons and put this on our platter. And now, I'm just gonna show you how you cut it into wedges. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to quarter the pineapple lengthwise. In the center, where it's a little bit more fibrous and a little bit tougher, is the core of the pineapple and were gonna get rid of that. And I find it easiest to just stand it upright. And then from here you just start cutting crosswise. Now you've got little pineapple wedges. And to cut it into chunks, you just kind of lay it on a flat side so that it doesn't move and this prevents it from slipping; it's just safer this way. And, go ahead and cut it into chunks. And there you got some pineapple chunks. So as you can see, a pineapple is a lot easier to cut than it looks. And what I like to do is season this with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, maybe a pinch of cayenne pepper for heat, and go ahead and grill these. And grilled pineapples are absolutely delicious. Another thing you can do with all this is sort of finely chop up the bits of pineapple and add into salsas, stir it into rice. It's a great substitute for onions 'cause it adds a sweeter note rather than the more pungent flavor of onions. And there you go, you've cut up a pineapple. We picked the sweet one too.