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Makeover: Kitchen & Cabinet Updates

Watch the kitchen and cabinet facelift video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine and get expert tips and advice from Rachael Ray's design buddy, Evette Rios.

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-Check out our new improved cooking area. Remember the giant hole back here from that auxiliary fan. We'll we pulled it out. We patched up the hole. Now, it looks nice and seamless because we added a brand new range hood. This was $50, but it's gonna make such a huge improvement in their kitchen. It's got working right. It's go a working pan and that will make cooking so much easier. We've added new burner plates, again $10 for 4 of them, but look how nice and clean the range top looks and Rachael is gonna love this. We've added a pull out trash can right by the stove. So when you got the trash, you can toss it right in here and remember this electrical panel and how hideous that wood thing was. I turned it into magnet board. Now, she can have all of her everyday with Rachael Ray recipes right at her fingertips and check this out, it still allows access to the electrical panel, which is really, really important. You don't wanna cover that up, and now her spices are here at her fingertips, so she can grab her spices, throw them in the recipes. I think the kitchen turned out pretty great.