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Makeover: Kitchen Cabinet Fixes

In this kitchen cabinet video from EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine, get helpful tips on refacing your cabinets for very little money. Watch Rachel Ray's design buddy Evette Rios give outdated cabinets a facelift and fresh new look.

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-So rather than go through the expense of tearing out these cabinets and putting new ones in, we're gonna do a couple of really cool things that are gonna update the look and functionality. We're gonna paint all the cabinets inside and out, add new hardware that's a lot cleaner, a little bit more modern, and then down here, some of the guides are broken on the drawers so they don't slide in and out real smoothly, so we're gonna replace the guides and add some storage solutions inside of the drawers to really maximize all the space. So, these are all really simple things that anybody can do that aren't gonna cost you an arm and a leg, but are gonna make your kitchen great.