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RACHAEL RAY Show Kitchen Tour

Rach's design buddy Evette Rios gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the RACHAEL RAY show kitchen, with ideas you can use at home.

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-Hi, I'm Evette Ríos and I'm one of the content buddies on the Rachael Ray Show. And I'm here to show you guys Rachael's set kitchen and to let you know how you can get Rachael's look at home. It's super easy. So to start out, she's got this awesome O'Keefe & Merritt Stove. It's a vintage stove and it's in a bright orange color which is Rachael's favorite color. You don't have to go super crazy and get orange appliances if you want to add color to your kitchen. You can do it with smaller appliances like a juicer or a toaster oven that are countertop. They are more inexpensive, but they really add a nice pop of color. And then, Rachael loves to personalize things. We've got her RR here. Personalizing your kitchen is such a great idea. You don't have to go crazy with letters. You could do it with monogrammed hand towels or if you want to do letters, there's lots of different ways that you can add a real personal touch. And then, I love the spice rack. It's a magnetic one. They are super easy to make if you don't want to buy one. They're great to keep your spices at-- you know, at arm's length so you got them when you need them. I love these. And then, she's got these glass cupboards. Glass is great to let the light in and to kind of keep things more open and airy. But you can see that she's got this textured glass. And this is great if you don't want to get super crazy with organizing the stuff inside because it actually camouflages what's inside a little bit better so you don't have to stack everything perfectly. She's got such fun glasses. I love all of these, these little pool ones. Rachael loves color clearly. And these fun, colorful bowls. You know, that's a great way to add color to your spaces with your plates and cups and things like that. And here, we've got these pack lights. This is such an easy project. If you got glass cabinets, these really make a huge impact and make things seem a lot more, you know, light and airy. These are really easy. You can buy this pretty much anywhere and install them yourself. It's so easy. And then, over here, I want to show this to you guys. This is Rachael's island and she's got two working stoves here in her kitchen. This is the one that she primarily uses. And this is a really great tip. If you've got an island, you may want to consider putting your stove facing out in your island like this. So if you've got guests and they're sitting on the other side, you can cook and entertain them at the same time. And then, she's got these outlets here. This is another great tip if you want to have appliances to use on your island putting, you know, outlets here. And if you don't want to show them, you can maybe put some sort of fake panel on the front so you can flip it down and then you have access to your outlets and it camouflages a little bit so it doesn't look too crazy. And here are her utensils. Again, colorful. Rachael loves color. So, you've got your colorful utensils. That's another fun tip. If you want to add some color, just do it in your fun little utensils. Pull out trash; this is a total kitchen necessity. Everyone should have one of these. I just installed them myself and they're fantastic because they keep the trash out of the way, but they're so super easy to use. And then, I want to show you guys here her sink. She's got this very industrial sink which is great. What's nice about having a big arc like this-- and it works, believe it or not. This is at all our working kitchen. But having a nice big arc is you can get like big pasta pots and stuff under it and fill it up and it's really convenient and you need to swivel also to make sure that you can use all. She's got three sinks here which is a lot of sink. You don't necessarily need that. And then, this is her working refrigerator and freezer. And you can see it's all filled up with all the tasty stuff. Look at this. Sorbet. We've got some hot stickers. And what's fun about this which you guys may or may not have noticed is that all of her labels are all actually made by the Art Department to not promote any particular brand. So, there's an actual guy here in the Art Department that makes all of these labels. So, some of them are really fun and crazy and creative like this one. I love this. Farming Eskimo's Frozen Peas. I don't even know that there were Eskimo farmers. And then, down here, this is so cool. Check this out. There's a little fridge cam in here. So when you guys watch the show and you see Rachael open her refrigerator and she sticks her face in her, that's the camera that catches it. It's so cool. And Rachael got these shelves with all of these fun little accessories. Some of them are vintage. Some of them are really meaningful and personal to her. This one's got her name right on it. And then, some of them were store-bought that have that real vintage feel like some of these. And they're colorful and fun and altogether, they really make a nice presentation and they give a lot of visual impact. Shelves are great addition to any kitchen, any space. You just want to make sure that the stuff you put on open shelves like this is attractive. So, it's a little bit of the main [inaudible]. But once you get it set up, you can always like tweak it and add new sayings. I love them. I have shelve-- a lot of shelves at home. And then, this is her pantry. I want to show you guys something about this pantry. For those of you guys that was wondering how we get the camera shots, the pantry actually has a fake back to it. So, we've got the pantry cam here that can capture Rachael picking up all of her supplies and bringing it to the kitchen. Another thing that I love about this pantry beside the secret back with the pantry cam are these chalkboard doors. This is such an easy thing. You can include this in any kitchen. You don't necessarily have to do pantry doors. You can even do your bottom doors in your kitchen and kids love to sit in your kitchen with you while you're doing work. They could even scribble on the doors. It's a really fun tip. And then, I wanted to show you guys the tile that Rachael choice. I love this glass tile. She carried it over from here on the island to the backsplash so the whole kitchen looks really pulled together. And that's a good tip when you're putting your kitchen together. You want to repeat materials in different places so the kitchen has like a real unified look. And to give you guys a tip on how to get a colorful fridge like this if you don't want to spend bazillion dollars to get a vintage one. You can actually take your kitchen refrigerator or your stove to an auto body shop and get it painted with lacquer enamel paint and it turns out just like this. I've done it before. It's less than $200. It's such a great tip. It's really fun and easy. You can even get flames on it. Well, that's Rachael's kitchen. I'm so glad that you guys got to see it and I hope you tune in. I hope you keep watching. And we hope to see you here on the set.