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Rach's design buddy Evette Rios gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the RACHAEL RAY show set, with ideas you can use at home.

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-Hey, I'm Evette Ríos and I am one of Rachael's content buddies on the Rachael Ray Show. And I'm here to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look at our set. So here, we've got some kid art. Rachael gets send a ton of kid art from all over the country and she loves it. We put it up everywhere. Here, we've got Isaboo. Oh, it's so realistic. And then, here we've got Rachael with the FDNY. She does a ton of stuff with the FDNY and the NYPD. She's a real fan. And the walls if you notice are painted with Rachael's favorite color, orange. She absolutely loves orange. So orange is everywhere. It's nice and cheerful. And Rachael again. And this right here is the walk you take as an audience member. So if you guys come to see the show, this is exactly what you're going to see. So we're going to walk you through here. This is so exciting. We're almost in. And I'm going to take you guys up at the side. Check this out. If you like Larry King, we've got Larry King here. We've got-- Look, you are Yum-O! Rachael. Thanks and cheers, Christie Brinkley. This is Rachael's old fridge that is signed by a bunch of celebrities and it's going to get auctioned up for Rachael's children's organization, Yum-O!, which is such a fantastic organization. And then, let me take you guys back here. There's lots of behind-the-scene stuff. And then, this is so cool. I'm so excited. Here is our set. It's so fantastic. I love it. And this is our rotating turntable audience here. This is so cool. Check this up. Hit it, Tom. I love this one. Isn't that cool? And this is the only turntable audience in television. That's a little bit of a trivia for you, guys. And this-- the entire set was designed by Joe Stewart who designed the set for Friends as you all see with some similarities. It's really colorful and fun the way the Friends set was. This is our garage and it actually is like a garage. It's got all of our supplies in there. And then, it's got a screen that comes down and it's a big rear projection screen. So whenever we're showing the audience our videos and stuff, everyone turns around and we can all watch it together here. And this is our jib and this is-- to get those like really swooping shots of the audience, that big shot when you-- you know, as soon as the show opens and you see everything and everybody, this is what does it. It's a very complicated little system, a very important piece of equipment. And here, we've got the terrace. And Rachel had her hands everywhere on the set. She picked everything out herself. So we've got a real Tuscan feel here with some real iron furniture that's very light, bright and airy. A lot of the fashion shows take place here. And Rachael interviews a bunch of, you know, her guests and staff here as well. And then, back here. Well, this over here is the production bridge. It's very important. So our lighting guys stood up there and they, you know, do take care of all the lighting cues and deal with all the technical stuff of the set. But then, also the VIP stood up there if they happen to be here or if there's too many people for the audience, they'll stick the overflow people up there. It's a fun place to be because you see everything. This is the bar. Rachael picked this out herself. She's super into mid-century design which I love too and so it's super swanky and fun. And then, of course, Isaboo. That's Rachael's Pit Bull. That was her when she was a baby. A lovely painting by a viewer friend of Rachael's. And I'm going to take you guys to the Discovery Room. Here are some more of our set cameras and these are the ones that get all of the, you know, real general shots. Again, we've got some great cameramen that managed all of these. And then, this is our Discovery Room. And here, Rachael interviews people and this is where a lot of them where famous people sit to get the-- you know, their interviews and all of these back wall over here is Rachael's stuff that she has collected from her travels. We've got some really great like wire frames of some of the more, you know, memorable places. We've got-- this is really cool. This is a certificate that she got for "E-V-O-O" being included in the Oxford American College Dictionary. It's very impressive. And then, we've got some kid art. We've got books and stuff from a bunch of her travels. We've got baskets from who knows where. And I want to show you guys something that's really cool. Check this out. And these look like windows, but look at that. And back here, we've got a backdrop that's painted very, very cool so it looks like a cityscape but it really is just all smoking mirrors. That's what we love about television. And then, we've got our LCD screens. We've got this all over the set. These are super cool because they show Rachael's logo. But then during the show, they turn into aquariums to give the whole set a very homey feel. And then, this is the [inaudible]. I love this. Here we have our elevator and this is an actual working elevator. It goes upstairs. It comes down. And Rachael makes many in appearance here through the elevator. I'm going to see if it's on. Here we go. Oh, it's going. It's working. I have never gotten to do that before. That was so cool. Thank you guys so much for coming and checking out our behind-the-scene studio tour and hopefully you'll be here able to watch the show. We'd love to have you and keep watching.