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Supermarket Showdown


Battle of the Egg Whites
Battle of the Egg Whites

Fresh Egg Whites:

Prep: 1 minute (to separate 3 eggs)
Price: $0.14 per large egg

Separating your own eggs while cooking that egg-white omelet or scramble takes a tad more time, but the pure eggy flavor and fluffy texture make the effort worthwhile. Fresh egg whites come with some savings (they're half the price of packaged whites) and a built-in bonus: yolks! Use the sunny orbs for mayo, pudding or carbonara sauce!


Boxed Egg Whites:

Prep: None
Price: $0.30 per large egg

Sure, you can pour 'em straight from the package to the pan, but that convenience will cost you: Omelets and scrambles made with boxed whites have a dense texture and bland flavor. They won't whip up nearly as high as regular eggs either (don't even think of making angel food cake with them).

And the winner is ...


- Alexa Weibel