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No-Sew Throw Pillow Designs


No-Sew Throw Pillow Designs
Floral Arrangement

You'll need: scissors, jersey fabric in solid colors or patterns that complement your case, felt, fabric glue, hot glue

1. Cut the fabric into long strips, about 3-by-24 inches. Then, cut the same number of circles (about 3 inches in diameter) out of the felt. You'll need one strip and one circle per flower.
2. Fold each fabric strip in half lengthwise and dot fabric glue along the fold, leaving the edges free.
3. Starting at the center of one felt circle, begin gluing your strips (open edges up) into a loose spiral, starting at one end of the strip and working your way out to the edge of the circle. As you create the spiral, secure the folded edge with hot glue. Once the glue dries, trim any visible felt from the circle underneath the flower and fan out your fabric to create ruffles. Repeat to make each flower.
4. Coat the undersides of the flowers in fabric glue and stick them to your pillow cover in a cluster. Let dry.