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Kids' Halloween Costume Makeup


Kid's Halloween Kitty Makeover
Kitty Costume Makeup How-To

You'll want black and colored eyeliner pencils, and a little bit of glitter or sparkly eyeshadow to create the purr-fect feline face.
1. Draw a circle on the tip of the nose with a soft black eyeliner pencil and fill it in.
2. Starting half an inch from the nose, draw three whiskers (about 2 inches long) per cheek. Use the ears as guidelines: Aim a whisker toward each earlobe, the middle of the ear and the top of the ear.
3. Roll the tip of a cotton swab in glitter, then rub it over the ends of the whiskers, leaving glittery patches. Repeat on the tip of the nose.
4. Use the black eyeliner pencil to draw two lines from the outer edges of each eye -- one extending from the top lid, the other from the bottom. Fill in the space between them with colored eyeliner.