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Kids' Halloween Costume Makeup


Halloween Zombie Makeover

Zombie Costume Makeup How-To

Grab concealer, dark eye shadow, dark eyeliner pencil and hair gel to get the best effect.
1. Dab concealer on and around the lips and mouth. This will create a pale effect without a face full of makeup.
2. Dip an eyeshadow brush in a dark matte shade and dust it over the upper eyelid and under the lower lashes.
3. Tap a tiny bit of the same shadow onto a large blush brush and run it up and down the cheekbones to create a sunken look.
4. Draw stitches with a soft black eyeliner pencil: Make 1-inch lines perpendicular to the lips.
5. Slick a dime-size drop of hair gel through the hair to dampen it.