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Seasonal Superfood: Mint

With a peak season of June to September, you'll have four whole months to try more than 30 different varieties of mint found in stores and at farmers' markets. We've showcased some of our favorite varieties and how you can incorporate mint into your every day recipe repertoire!

Keeps You Focused: An invigorating whiff of peppermint has been shown to heighten concentration.

Fights Nausea: Its menthol helps calm your tummy and relaxes your muscles, which eases stomach cramps.

Freshens Breath: Besides masking bad breath with its minty scent, the herb has antibacterial tannins that prevent odor-causing bacteria from setting up camp in your mouth.

Chills You Out: Menthol, mint's essential oil, is stored in the fuzzy hairs on the underside of the leaf. When this oil hits the nerve-cell receptors in your mouth, it sends a message to the brain that the cells are 7 to 13 degrees cooler than they actually are.

TRY THESE RECIPES Double-Mint Barley Tabbouleh
Double-Mint Barley Tabbouleh

Use spearmint. It's the kind you'll usually find in grocery stores. It can be used in practically any dish, sweet or savory.

Minty Marinara
Minty Marinara

Use lemon mint. It adds a bright, slightly tart flavor to any dish.

Mint Chip Ice Cream
Mint Chip Ice Cream

Use chocolate mint. It has an initial blast of cool mint that is mellowed by an earthy, chocolaty sweetness that's ideal in desserts.

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