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A Day in the Food Life of Kristin Chenoweth

Whether eating on set, on stage or at home, the Tony-and Emmy-winning star of ABC's new comedy GCB always leaves room for dessert!
Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin finds time to make Fruity
Pebble treats in her New York
City kitchen.

Rise and shine!

5 a.m.
What's that sound? Oh right, my alarm. I have an early call time for GCB. I flew into L.A. last night, so I'm still on New York time -- and I'm not a morning person!

5:15 a.m.
I get straight in the car to drive to work. I don't listen to the radio; I just focus on getting there alive. As soon as I arrive -- phew! -- I beeline to the hair-and-makeup chair.

7:20 a.m.
It was too early to eat when the crew came and took breakfast orders, but now I'm hungry. I go to the Starbucks on our studio lot and order an oatmeal with brown sugar and a large cup of hot tea.

9 a.m.
After a quick rehearsal, it's time to get into my Texan getup. Today I'm wearing a teal and leopard-print dress with a bright pink cowboy hat. My character, Carlene, is the queen bee of her six friends in Dallas and isn't afraid of going bold.

11:45 a.m.
There's a lot of downtime between takes, so I grab a handful of nuts and go back to my trailer to visit my maltese, Maddie. I like to eat little snacks throughout the day to keep my energy up.

1:20 p.m.
We break for lunch: They're serving steak with a healthy salad bar chock-full of fresh vegetables, but I can't keep my eyes off the dessert table. I love chocolate chip cookies -- I can never say no to them!

3 p.m.
As the day goes on, I wake up more and more (did I mention I'm not a morning person?) and become the goofball of the cast. I like having my dorky moments. I've become famous for walking on set with food stuck in my teeth.

5 p.m.
We finish shooting early, but I'm not close to being done. I drive over to the movie set of Outrun to film a scene with Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper. There's no break in rehearsal and filming, but I grab a fruit salad with lots of berries and take a few bites between scenes.

7:30 p.m.
I'm whipping myself into shape for my "Some Lessons Learned" summer concert tour. I belt Adele's "Rumor Has It" while running to practice singing and moving around at the same time. I'm sure I sound like a freak to everyone at the gym.

8:45 p.m.
I'm so happy to be home! When it comes to food I'm a creature of habit, but tonight I skip my usual turkey-and- swiss wrap and have breakfast for dinner. I like to get protein into every meal, so I eat scrambled eggs with a side of cottage cheese, Popchips and Coca-Cola. If I had more time I'd cook a really good dinner.

9:30 p.m.
While I'm going over my lines for tomorrow, I have a tiny piece of chocolate for dessert and a second Coke. That soda is my weakness -- I just can't resist!

10 p.m.
I'm a night owl, but I have to be up early tomorrow. I crawl into bed to watch Dance Moms and Real Housewives of any county...sad but true! I'll watch until I fall asleep.

Good night, Kristin!