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Meat Menu Decoder

Pig Tails, Chuck Eye or Lamb Neck? Whether you're interested in beef, pork or lamb, you'll love our guide to the cutting-edge cuts of meat that are appearing on restaurant menus everywhere.
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New Cut: The Man Steak

What it is: This massive steak is cut from muscles in and around the rump, so the textures and tenderness vary throughout.
The Dish: In his upcoming book Charred & Scruffed, chef Adam Perry Lang prepares this steak with Italian- style thyme-zinfandel salt.

New Cut: Chuck Eye

What it is: Not to be confused with chuck roll, this marbled cut comes from the eye of the loin as it transitions from the rib into the shoulder.
The Dish: Butcher Tom Mylan of Brooklyn's Meat Hook, which sells this one, opts for a rub of crushed garlic, chile and toasted coriander seed.

New Cut: Pig Tails

What it is: Hey, they don't call it "nose- to-tail" for nothing. These are reminiscent of oxtail: luscious meat with crispy skin.
The Dish: Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, of L.A.'s Animal restaurant, brine and confit them in pork fat, then deep-fry and toss in buffalo sauce.

New Cut: Lamb Hind Shank

What it is: Large enough to share, this cut comes from the upper part of the leg, not the more commonly used lower portion.
The Dish: Chef Michael Ferraro of NYC's Delicatessen braises the meat in kaffir lime- and ginger-infused stock before serving it split for two.

New Cut: Lamb Neck

What it is: Similar in texture to short ribs, this lesser-known cut rewards a long braise with rich, flavorful meat that falls off the bone.
The Dish: At Cleveland's Greenhouse Tavern, chef Jonathon Sawyer braises it in an herby red wine and tomato mixture.