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Food to Load Up On at Thanksgiving

Spilled drinks. Temper tantrums. We can't make them go away, but we can tell you how to deal at this year's Thanksgiving table. Load up on these Turkey Day staples: They're packed with nutrients to help you cope with the chaos.
food to rescue

Help Yourself If: Kids are crying. Everywhere.

Tryptophan, the culprit behind post-dinner laziness, might also help regulate your mood. Gobble up some extra slices to sooth the stress -- or nap through the noise.


Help Yourself If: You're about to be elbow-deep in family dish duty.

Plenty of skin-on "smashed potatoes" might help keep you calm when it's your turn to scrub. They're packed with potassium, a blood pressure regulator.


Help Yourself If: You want to beat your cocky cousin at the family's annual touch football game.

Eat an extra serving of squash, and he'll be eating your dust. The healthy dose of vitamin B in this veggie might help enhance athletic performance.


Help Yourself If: You're stuck sitting next to your old Uncle Henry, who doesn't cover his sneezes.

You can't escape the ick factor, but loading up on vitamin-C-rich cranberry sauce, made with fresh berries, might build up your cold and flu defenses.