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Thanksgiving Menus

Our delicious Thanksgiving menus serve up a little something for everyone, in any crowd. Just pick the feast that's right for you, and start cooking!

These Thanksgiving menus scale up easily to feed a bigger table.

First-Timers' Thanksgiving
meal 4

Recipes include Kiss-of-Lemon Roast Turkey, Caramel Apple-Sweet Potato Casserole and more.

Farmers' Market Feast Thanksgiving
meal 5

Recipes include Garlic-Rubbed Roast Turkey, Walnut-Apple Crisp with Nutmeg Cream and more.

Good & Plenty Thanksgiving Menu
meal 6

Recipes include Pan-Roasted Broccoli & Chestnuts, Chocolate Bread Pudding and more.

Easy Elegance Thanksgiving
meal 1

Recipes include Pancetta-Basted Roast Turkey, Ruby Port Cranberry Jelly and more.

New England Classic Thanksgiving
meal 2

Recipes include Mustard-Marinated Roast Turkey, Cider-Spiced Apple Pie and more.

West Coast Thanksgiving
meal 3

Recipes include Fresh Herb Grilled Turkey, Granola-Crusted Pumpkin Pie and more.

The Whole Family Thanksgiving
Potato Casserole Bake

Recipes include Herb-Roasted Turkey with Dried Plums, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and more.

Thanksgiving Feast with All the Fixings
roasted mushrooms

Recipes include Mushroom Stuffing, German Chocolate Pecan Pie and more.

Rachael's Smokin' Thanksgiving Dinner
thanksgiving dinner

Recipes include Adam's Bourbon-Glazed Barbecue Turkey, Harvest Muffin Stuffin' and Chipotle Gravy and more.

"Everything But the Bird" Thanksgiving
brown buttere sugar snap peas

Recipes include Brown-Buttered Sugar Snap Peas with Pecans, Caramel-Walnut Pie and more.


Find Thanksgiving menus with a game plan, and lots of easy-to-make-ahead recipes.

Make-Ahead Menu for Thanksgiving
meal 7

Recipes include Cranberry-Lime Relish, Bourbon Pecan Pie and more.

Big Bird, Small Price Thanksgiving
whole roasted turkey

Recipes include Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy, Toasted Cornbread Stuffing with Bacon and Chestnuts and more.

60-Minute Thanksgiving
roasted turkey breast

Recipes include Early Bird Turkey, Apple-and-Date Stuffing and more.

Small-Gathering Thanksgiving
marinated chicken breast

Recipes include Rachael's 30-Minute Meal Hot Turkey Supper, Cran-Applesauce Sundaes and more.


Looking for crowd-pleasing recipes? These Thanksgiving menus let you make Turkey Day, your way.

Thanksgiving for Picky Eaters
meal 8

Recipes include Classic Bread Stuffing with Sausage, Fudgy Pecan Brownie Pie and more.

Vegetarian-Friendly Thanksgiving
meal 9

Recipes include Wild Rice & Mushroom Stuffing, Cheesy Vegetable Gratin and more.

Simple Thanksgiving
Green Beans

Recipes include Turkey la Carte, Thanksgiving Green Beans and more.

Meat Lovers' Thanksgiving
appetizer skewers

Recipes include Bacon-and-Cheese Brussels Sprouts, Chocolate Whiskey Cake and more.

Vegetarian "All Sides" Thanksgiving

Recipes include Butternut Squash Fries with Chili Salt and Maple Cream, Swiss-Chard Parmesan Pie and more.


Keep the house open all weekend with these Thanksgiving menus, starting with Wednesday night cocktails and enjoying yourselves all the way through Sunday brunch.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Party
turkey appetizers

Recipes include "Magic" Pickled Carrots, Via Matta Meatballs and more tips.

Thanksgiving Friday Leftovers Party
buffalo turkey cobb salad

Recipes include Buffalo Turkey Cobb Salad, Sweet Potato Soup with Cranberry Cream and more tips.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Party
veggie tarts

Recipes include Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms, Turkey Samosas and more.

Thanksgiving Sunday Brunch
plum foccacia

Recipes include Warm Sausage-and-Fennel Salad with Cranberries and Pecans, Plum Foccacia with Ricotta and more tips.