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Get Fresh: Pears

Pick up these seasonal favorites and try them in something new.
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This fruit is freshest in the fall months. Learn about the different kinds of pears, then try them out in our recipe picks:

Bartlett Yellow- or red-skinned; juicy with a honey aftertaste; firm flesh. Cut into wedges, roast and serve with pork chops. Use them to make:


Bosc Speckly golden skin; dense, crunchy texture; highly aromatic. Poach in wine and serve with vanilla ice cream. Use them to make:


Anjou Green- or red-skinned; sweet and mildly tart; creamy, soft flesh; bruises easily. Slice and add to a turkey and brie sandwich. Use them to make:


Asian Pear Golden-brown; watery and refreshing; grainy texture. Cut into slivers and toss into a stir-fry.

Comice Green with red blush; large; creamy flesh; bruises easily. Halve and top with yogurt and granola. Use them to make:


Forelle Yellow with crimson speckles; small; crisp and firm. Chop and add to mixed greens with walnuts and blue-cheese dressing. Use them to make: