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How to Grill

Elizabeth Karmel reveals the secrets to great grilling -- and four dishes that can take the heat.
roasted turkey

Crank the heat: Preheat the grill so the temperature under the lid is at least 350°F: Turn gas burners to high or let charcoal burn until it?s covered with whitegray ash.

Be slick: Oil your food -- not the grates -- to keep everything juicy, improve caramelization and prevent sticking. Go easy, though; oil drips can cause flare-ups.

Take sides: Grill burgers, steaks and other quick-cooking items over direct heat; place slow-cooking foods like pork tenderloin and potatoes over indirect heat, away from the flame or coals, with the lid down.

Don't touch: Flip food only once, unless a recipe says otherwise. And don't peek under the lid -- when you lift it, heat escapes.

tips + how-tos


1. Brush a sheet of heavy-duty foil with oil. Place ingredients in the center and pull up the long sides to meet in the center.

2. Fold the long sides down together, leaving a little room over the food for steam to gather.

3. Roll the two short sides in toward the food to seal the packet.

how to make a grill packet
how to make a grill packet 2
how to make a grill packet 3
baked salmon

Keep these essential tools on hand:

Instant-read thermometer for checking meat temps

Silicone brush for oiling and basting food

Long-handed heat-resistant tongs for safe, easy turning and flipping

Heavy-duty aluminum foil for making grill packets and living baking sheets

Large rimmed baking sheet for carrying food and supplies outside