Thanksgiving Recipes

From appetizers to stuffings to turkey to desserts, browse through all our best Thanksgiving recipes.
artichoke parmesan dip

Thanksgiving Appetizers

Make hungry Thanksgiving guests feel welcome instantly with these tasty Thanksgiving appetizers.

roast turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Oh-so-tender Thanksgiving turkey: No matter which recipe you choose, the star of the show will be ready for its close up.

cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce and Other Thanksgiving Relishes

Just a spoonful of our sassy, saucy Thanksgiving relishes will jazz up your plate, whether it's classic cranberry sauce something a little fancier.

Gingered Carrot-Parsnip Puree

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

From puree to souffle and squash to sweet potato, color your plate with these vibrant veggies in our Thanksgiving side dishes.


Thanksgiving Stuffing

Whether it's made in the turkey or baked on its own, whether you crave bread, rice or cornbread stuffing, we've got fully-loaded, easy-bake Thanksgiving stuffing recipes for you.

molasses pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Desserts

What everyone's been waiting for: gooey chocolate, warm apple, classic holiday pies and more Thanksgiving desserts!

orange cocktails

Thanksgiving Cocktails

These easy Thanksgiving cocktails only make the food taste better, and you can toast to good times while you're giving thanks.


Leftover Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Leftovers

Yesterday's Thanksgiving turkey and other leftovers are remixed deliciously into today's awesome lunches, dinners, appetizers and more.