Romantic Recipes for Couples

Food tastes best when made with love. So when you need a recipe for romance, cook as a couple! Make a two-cook kitchen work with these tips from three chef couples from hot restaurants around the country, plus our favorite recipes to make on date night.

Tartine Co-Owners
Young + Hungry
Three's Company

Liz Pruiett and Chad Robertso, Chefs, Bakers and Co-Owners of Tartine and Bar Tartine, San Francisco, CA spend most of their "couple time" with their daughter, Archer, who is 5 years old, and loves to cook, too. But Chad and Liz will sometimes add a little something extra to their dishes that's just for them -- like chiles, which they'll leave out of Archer's dish, since she doesn't like spicy food. To keep home cooking as uncomplicated as possible so that you'll do it often they recommend building a meal around something you have on hand or from the market, like a great loaf of bread or delicious chicken.

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