Instant Expert!: Healthify Your Kitchen

Make any meal better for you with our super simple strategies and tips straight from top spa chefs. Then, find out how to shape up your kitchen, go green while cleaning and stock up on our five must-have kitchen items.

Recipes: Tracey Seaman, Text: Tula Karras, Editor: Nina Elder, Photography: Christopher Testani

Instant Expert!: How-To Healthify Your Kitchen
Max Out Your Raw Materials

TIP #2: Max Out Your Raw Materials
"Raw almonds have more fiber than roasted ones; uncooked broccoli contains myrosinase, a cancer-fighting enzyme; raw garlic is packed with allicin, a bacteria-fighting compound. The lesson? Skip cooking on occasion to maximize health benefits."

--Chad Luethje, executive chef, Red Mountain Resort, Ivins, UT

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