Instant Expert!: Healthify Your Kitchen

Make any meal better for you with our super simple strategies and tips straight from top spa chefs. Then, find out how to shape up your kitchen, go green while cleaning and stock up on our five must-have kitchen items.

Recipes: Tracey Seaman, Text: Tula Karras, Editor: Nina Elder, Photography: Christopher Testani

Instant Expert!: How-To Healthify Your Kitchen
Rethink Your Meat

TIP #1: Rethink Your Red Meat
"You can have a meaty meal without worrying about your health: Try lamb. Many cuts (like leg, loin and shoulder) are low enough in saturated fat and cholesterol to meet the USDA definition of lean, and all American-raised lamb is hormone-free. Most of it is also pasture- raised, which can add good-for-you omega-3 fats. Trim the fat from the edges and you'll make the lamb even leaner."

--Jason Harrison, executive chef, Four Seasons Resort, Vail, CO

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