Instant Expert!: Healthify Your Kitchen

Make any meal better for you with our super simple strategies and tips straight from top spa chefs. Then, find out how to shape up your kitchen, go green while cleaning and stock up on our five must-have kitchen items.

Recipes: Tracey Seaman, Text: Tula Karras, Editor: Nina Elder, Photography: Christopher Testani

Instant Expert!: How-To Healthify Your Kitchen
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Zero Fat Fear

TIP #7: Don't Fear Fat!
"Fat is flavor. And if you add flavor, you're likely to eat more of the good stuff you're putting that fat on. Take the nutrient powerhouses winter greens: You might not love them steamed, but cook them in EVOO and garlic (okay, and maybe even with a bit of bacon) and they go from bland to grand. Bonus: Healthful EVOO allows your body to absorb more nutrients from the veggies you eat."

--Robert Curry, executive chef, Auberge du Soleil Resort, Napa Valley, CA

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