Instant Expert!: Healthify Your Kitchen

Make any meal better for you with our super simple strategies and tips straight from top spa chefs. Then, find out how to shape up your kitchen, go green while cleaning and stock up on our five must-have kitchen items.

Recipes: Tracey Seaman, Text: Tula Karras, Editor: Nina Elder, Photography: Christopher Testani

Instant Expert!: How-To Healthify Your Kitchen
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Water Wake Up Call

TIP #6: Wake Up Your Water
"Instead of floating a few wan slices of cucumber or orange in your H2O, puree the produce with a little water, strain it and mix in some more water. The refreshing result, known as agua fresca, will taste like a liquid distillation of the ingredient. Try it with any fruit or vegetable you love. Hydration just got a whole lot tastier!"

-- Gonzalo Cerda, executive chef, and Diego Weiss, director of food and beverage, Esperanza, An Auberge Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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