Game Day Recipes

Use the arrows to flip through our favorite game day recipes -- they're guaranteed to keep your pals happily chowing through the final buzzer.

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Dip, baby, dip! These super bowls are classic party fare; serve 'em with crackers, chips or veggies.


Salty, sweet and savory, these finger foods are easy to make and even easier to gobble down.


Have a hungry crowd? Put out our heartiest sammies.


No matter what the season, we get fired up for these burgers, on or off the grill.


Everyone loves a great pizza! Skip delivery and make one of these savory pies instead -- they'll take less time, and taste much better.


You could easily pop open a six-pack, but these cocktails will please even the most die-hard lager-lovers.


By the game's end, everyone will be craving a little sweet stuff.