Fourth of July Recipes

Flip through our Fourth of July recipes, and find new ways to serve Fourth of July burgers, potato salads, grilled chicken, desserts and more.

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Rach's Burgers

These grilled burgers definitely taste better when eaten outdoors, even if you're cooking on top of the stove.


Nothing says Fourth of July like a saucy, messy plate of slow-cooked, grilled ribs.

Beef + Steak

When your Fourth of July BBQ begs for beef, these sizzling grilled steak recipes definitely satisfy.

Fish + Shrimp

Lighten up! It's easy to grill shrimp and fish, then dress 'em up with summery sauces and side dishes.


Keep the coals hot: Everyone loves chicken for the Fourth of July, but these easy grilling recipes will make guests ask for seconds (and thirds!).

Kebabs + Skewers

Hold on! These Fourth of July favorites let you grab a whole meal, one big, juicy bite at a time.

Main Course Salads

Show off your grill skills in these hearty Fourth of July salads.

Potato + Pasta Salads

No Fourth of July barbecue is complete with out classic potato and pasta salads.


Round out your Fourth of July cookout with crowd-pleasing side dishes, like deviled eggs, corn on the cob and more!


Even omnivores love these hearty veggie-friendly recipes, grilled up to bring out the best of summer produce.


Cool off during your Fourth of July party with a refreshing fruity cocktail or drink.


Finish up your Fourth of July meal with these can't-miss pies, cobblers and no-bake desserts.