8 Italian Sauces from Lidia Bastianich

In Italian cooking, sauces aren't just for pasta. Queen of the cuisine Lidia Bastianich shares eight standout styles that dress up beef, seafood, chicken and vegetables. (And you'll want to eat every one of them with pasta, too.)

Play with Pesto

Lidia and Family Cooking in the Kitchen

"The name of this sauce comes from the verb pestare, which means 'to mash,' " Lidia says. "Every region in Italy has different ingredients in its pesto, depending on what grows nearby. This one is from Sicily, where they grow some of the best almonds around."

What's that, Lidia? "To get a good sear, cook the chicken on medium-high heat in a cast-iron pan, then lower the heat and cover the pan to keep in the steam and tenderize the meat."

Almond Pesto Trapanese over Seared Chicken

Serve this sauce with vegetables like broccoli, or sneak a bit into just about anything: mashed potatoes, soup or a big bowl of fresh tagliatelle.

What to Drink! Bastianich Rosato di Refosco 2010
This Friulian rose has a fresh strawberry flavor that balances the toastiness of the nuts.

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