The New Mediterranean Diet

When you think of the Mediterranean diet, you probably picture grilled fish, Greek salads, olive oil and plenty of fresh vegetables from sunny Spain and Italy. But there's so much more! Travel to countries like Turkey, Israel and Morocco, and you'll find bold food that's both chef- and nutritionist- approved.

By Gabriella Gershenson; Photography by Anna Williams

Scott Snyder
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Finish with Fruit

Fresh or dried, fruit is a healthy, delicious finale to a meal, and in the Middle East, a common one. Chef Scott Snyder, who cooks with the flavors of the region at his restaurant Levant in Portland, OR, loves these easy, satisfying date-walnut balls, which he adapted from Middle East food expert Claudia Roden's classic recipe. He uses the softest dates he can find, and doctors them with a bit of cardamom and dried coconut, and is as likely to eat them as a snack as he is to serve them at a dinner party. "I like the simplicity of it," says Snyder.

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