Rest-in-Peace Potluck Party

Throw a Halloween party that hasn't been done to death -- a rest-in-peace potluck. Have friends bring food they'd choose for their last meal, add killer drinks and funeral-chic decor, and behold: a to-die-for feast!

By Erika Lenkert; Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Evil Eyes
Evil Eyes

Hang haunted portraits on the wall and label them with spooky epitaphs. To make yours:

  1. Print out photos of family and friends in sepia or black and white. Or search for "creepy" portraits online.
  2. Paste googly eyes on the pictures so the eyes seem to follow your guests around the party. For a scarier spin, color the eyes with glow-in-the-dark or bright-red paint.
  3. Put the photos in vintage frames, then give each a quirky label. Some of our faves: "Guests of suppers past," "Overate and met his fate" and "Took one bite too many."

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