103 Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas

It's time to get real about snacking! We came up with 103 snack recipe ideas that rely on natural, real and delicious foods: sweet, juicy, drip-down-your-chin fruit, crunchy-yet-savory veggies, and creamy without-the-cream puddings and dips.


These eats aren't just healthy -- they're supercharged! We packed them with ingredients that will boost your energy and mood.

84. Cereal is everyone's default snack of choice. Make it healthier by sprinkling your bowlful with dried goji berries and slivered almonds.

85. File this under "sounds weird but tastes amazing": Spread crisp pear slices with a thin layer of canned sweet potato puree and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

86. Green Deviled Eggs: Replace mayo with greek yogurt to make deviled eggs. Fold a handful of finely chopped watercress and a pinch of Old Bay Seasoning into the yolks.

87. Stuffed Figs: Split plump dried figs and stuff with toasted hazelnuts. Who says health food can't taste decadent?

88. Halve a cup of cherry tomatoes and drizzle them with olive oil. It's that simple.

89. Flake a can of sardines with a fork and mound onto whole grain crackers.

90. Kiwi Stacks: Crown kiwi slices with dollops of honey-sweetened sour cream and scatter chopped pistachios on top.

91. A scoop of vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt tastes richer -- and looks prettier -- when sprinkled with green tea powder.

92. Munch on dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans.

93. Spinach-Miso Dip: Thaw a box of chopped spinach and squeeze it dry. Stir in enough yogurt to make a dip and season with powdered miso soup mix.

94. Sneak some finely chopped swiss chard into your pesto, then spoon onto garlic pita chips.

95. Wrap smoked salmon around a whole wheat pretzel rod.

96. If you love chocolate milk, whip up this healthy version: Blend kefir with frozen açaí and cocoa powder.

97. Stir chopped cherries into low-fat cream cheese and smear on shredded-wheat crackers. Top with walnuts.

98. Rub thinly shredded tuscan kale with lemon juice and olive oil (an old Italian trick for making it tender and juicy!), then stuff into a whole wheat pita.

99. Indian-Spiced Cashews: Toss raw cashews in coconut oil and curry powder; roast at 400° until golden.

100. Sushi Stick: Roll up sliced avocado, cucumber spears and brown rice in a nori sheet (it won't look perfect, but who cares?) and eat with pickled ginger.

101. Punch up plain yogurt with fragrant grapefruit zest and honey, then peel the fruit and dunk the segments into it.

102. Up the antioxidant levels in your guacamole -- and give it a sweet-tart kick -- by stirring in some pomegranate seeds and diced tomatoes.

103. Easy Blueberry Compote: Toss blueberries with olive oil and cinnamon and pan-fry until they're on the brink of bursting, then gobble up while warm.