103 Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas

It's time to get real about snacking! We came up with 103 snack recipe ideas that rely on natural, real and delicious foods: sweet, juicy, drip-down-your-chin fruit, crunchy-yet-savory veggies, and creamy without-the-cream puddings and dips.


We're hardwired to love sugar -- but you can indulge without reaching for a candy bar. These good-for-you snacks take advantage of the subtle sweetness found in whole foods like berries, cinnamon, fresh ricotta and, yes, even dark chocolate.

40. Fold smashed ripe nectarines into low-fat cottage cheese and spoon onto gingersnaps.

41. Are you a fan of chocolate-covered pretzels? Try tamari-seasoned rice cakes dipped in melted bittersweet chocolate.

42. Thread alternating chunks of pineapple, papaya and naturally fat-free angel food cake onto bamboo skewers.

43. Spoon-Worthy Slushie: Puree frozen lemonade with loads of frozen cherries.

44. Slather a store-bought crepe with creamy almond butter and roll up with fresh blueberries inside.

45. Mini Coffee Pops: Spike vanilla rice milk with brewed espresso, then pour into an ice cube tray and freeze, using cinnamon sticks as handles.

46. Minimalist, yet amazingly delicious: Sprinkle cocoa nibs on canned pears.

47. Make berry gelatin with pomegranate juice instead of water. Float in fruit cocktail.

48. Whip up a pudding: Blend equal amounts fresh raspberries and silken tofu. Add vanilla and honey to taste. Top with more berries, of course.

49. Peanut Butter & Coconut Bars: Combine puffed whole grain cereal with just enough peanut butter and marshmallow cream to hold it together. Stir in shredded coconut and dried blueberries. Press into a pan, chill and cut into bite-size portions.

50. Jazz up ordinary apple slices with a faux-caramel topping: Simply boil a cup of apple cider down to a syrup and stir in chopped walnuts; drizzle away!

51. Who says you need a party to nibble on something fancy? Stuff pitted prunes with neufchâtel cheese and chopped almonds, then sprinkle with ground cardamom.

52. Sweet and Spicy Citrus: Dip tangerine segments into honey and dust with chili powder-spiked cocoa.

53. When it feels like banana cream pie would really hit the spot, try this: Grab some graham crackers, spread them with vanilla greek yogurt and top with a handful of banana slices and a sprinkling of ground flaxseed.

54. Frosty Melon Drink: Puree ripe honeydew with vanilla yogurt and ice.

55. Stir mini bittersweet chocolate chips into part-skim ricotta and sprinkle with chopped toasted pistachios. Dream of cannolis.

56. Cut crosshatches into a pitted mango half and turn inside out to expose the fruit. Season with lime juice and cayenne and take a big, juicy bite.

57. Make one-ingredient sorbet: Puree seedless watermelon in the blender, spread in a metal pan and freeze, stirring every 20 minutes, until it has the icy texture of a granita.

58. Break out the machine or hit your local juice bar for fresh carrot-beet juice. It tastes like candy. Seriously.

59. No-Bake Fruit Crisp: Sprinkle fresh blackberries with your favorite type of granola and microwave until warm.

60. Toast mini whole wheat waffles and top with a schmear of apple butter and a sprinkling of walnut pieces.

61. Transform a simple grapefruit into something more like crème brûe;lée: Halve it, drizzle it with dark honey and broil until bubbly.

62. Virgin Tropical Treat: In a blender, combine frozen peaches, unsweetened coconut milk and honey. Sprinkle with chopped salted macadamia nuts. Eat with a spoon.

63. Chewy Chocolate Clusters: Melt bittersweet chocolate and stir in chopped dried apricots, rolled oats and sunflower seeds. Drop spoonfuls onto wax paper, then let chill.

64. Freeze green and red grapes until firm and eat them while still icy (they taste like little sorbet bites).

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