103 Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas

It's time to get real about snacking! We came up with 103 snack recipe ideas that rely on natural, real and delicious foods: sweet, juicy, drip-down-your-chin fruit, crunchy-yet-savory veggies, and creamy without-the-cream puddings and dips.


These snacks are made with flavorful and healthy foods (think nuts, fresh veggies, quick slaws and even frozen foods) that offer the same satisfying crunch as a bag of chips.

20. Plantain Chips with Caribbean Salsa: Toss together finely chopped banana, cucumber, jalapeño, bell pepper, red onion and a good squeeze of lime juice.

21. Tex-Mex Treat: Dress bagged coleslaw mix with jarred salsa and roll up in a corn tortilla.

22. Dunk root veggie chips (such as Terra chips) into low-fat sour cream seasoned with hot sauce and orange zest.

23. Ants on a Log: Here's a grown-up version: Stuff celery sticks with cashew butter and dot with dried currants.

24. Mix crisp and spicy jarred corn relish with chopped tomatoes and cilantro; use it to top crunchy melba toast.

25. Ranch-Style Popcorn: Spritz air-popped popcorn with olive oil and dust with buttermilk powder, celery salt and chopped fresh dill.

26. Stuff iceberg lettuce leaves with chopped ripe tomatoes and crumbled smoked tofu.

27. Dip sugar snap peas into warm goat cheese (30 seconds in the microwave should do it).

28. Chickpea Poppers: Thoroughly dry canned chickpeas. Spritz with extra-virgin olive oil, season with dried oregano and garlic salt and roast at 400° until crisp.

29. Put down the butter! Spread whole grain toast with tahini instead. Top with shredded carrots, golden raisins and alfalfa sprouts.

30.Spread granny smith apple wedges with chunky cashew butter and top with toasted sesame seeds.

31. Snack on frozen edamame right out of the bag -- it's crunchier (and more refreshing!) than fresh.

32. Fill endive spears with chopped bosc pears and season with balsamic vinegar.

33. No-Chop Gazpacho: Combine tomato juice, cucumber, bell peppers and onion in a mini chopper, then pulse just until chunky. Add a splash of red wine vinegar.

34. Cut jicama into sticks. Dip in a sauce of chunky almond butter, lime juice, honey and fresh ginger.

35. It's upscale finger food: Scatter grated pecorino-romano cheese and lemon zest over blanched asparagus spears.

36. Combine finely chopped broccoli, multicolored bell peppers and scallions with greek yogurt and a dash of prepared horseradish. Keep a bag of baby carrots close by.

37. 1-2-3 Thai Slaw: Open a bag of shredded carrots; dress lightly with toasted sesame oil, lime juice, olive oil, honey and a dash of cayenne pepper. Toss in chopped salted peanuts.

38. Shred iceberg lettuce into tuna salad and eat on thick-cut bread-and-butter pickles.

39. Stir chopped fresh pineapple into prepared salsa; season with ground cumin. Nosh with baked blue corn tortilla chips.

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