A Day in the Food Life of Jeff Probst

Television star Jeff Probst leads a busy life between hosting Survivor and The Jeff Probst Show. Find out what he eats in a typical day to keep him going from day to night.
Jeff Probst

The host of a little program called Survivor (perhaps you've heard of it?) and the new Jeff Probst Show fills his days with family, friends and -- phew! -- a few guilty pleasures.

Rise and shine!

6:30 a.m.
The first order of business after my wife, Lisa, and I wake up -- at least on a school day -- is to drag the kids' butts out of bed and get them breakfast. It's usually something really basic, like a bagel and cream cheese for our 8-year-old, Michael, and dry cereal for 6-year-old Ava.

7 a.m.
As for my own breakfast, I almost always make "turk eggs": eggs whites scrambled with tomato and turkey, with edamame and pomegranate seeds -- not quite Rachael Ray -- worthy in presentation, but it gets the job done.

7:25 a.m.
On the way to school, I grab carrots and celery and challenge the kids to a crunch-off to see who's loudest. Yes, it's a trick to get them to eat veggies -- and it works! But now that Michael's 8, he's catching on and caring less about winning.

8 a.m.
My trainer meets me at the gym for a 20-minute CrossFit session. I'm not nearly as motivated without someone there to push me. Afterward, I make a great chocolate-whey protein shake with banana, using frozen strawberries as "ice cubes."

9:30 a.m.
I show up on set looking like a bum in whatever shorts and T-shirt were handy this morning. I rush to shower, then the producers go over the plans for the day.

11:30 a.m.
We only have 90 minutes between tapings to decompress. For me, music is the best de-stresser. I can put a Dave Matthews Band or Jack Johnson playlist on and it'll pull me out of any funk.

Fresh sushi, especially Katsuya's crispy rice with spicy tuna, is my top lunch choice. It goes down easy and fills me up for a couple of hours, but not too much -- because you don't want to do the second show after you've just eaten a large pepperoni pizza and feel like a big, fat toad.

3 p.m.
I'm hungry and fading fast. It's not a pretty sight. I go from cranky to tired to delirious. When I'm on Survivor, a friend of mine always keeps an "extra" Clif Bar on hand. He pretends he brought it for himself, but I know it's for when my blood sugar plummets.

4 p.m.
On my way home, I'll try to sneak in an hour of tennis with my buddy Lee. Being able to end the day with some outdoor activity is one of the reasons I live in L.A. Well, that and you can wear shorts and flip-flops everywhere.

6 p.m.
After 13 years of Survivor, it's nice to be able to get home at 6 o'clock, have dinner with the kids, then plop down on the couch to watch a little Selling LA, TV's greatest undiscovered show -- and total real-estate porn.

8 p.m.
Our house, which we call Great Adventure, is filled with friends on any given night. We just built an outdoor pizza oven, and we use it all the time. My specialty is a folded dessert pizza with Nutella and bananas. Sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar and it's impossible to resist.

11:45 p.m.
Friends who stay so late that they don't want to go home at all can take the guest room or sleep on the couch, but Lisa and I are calling it a day.

Good night, Jeff!

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