Upcycling: Recycled Crafts

Green-decorating expert Danny Seo creates recycled crafts in his book Upcycling and came up with these easy, exclusive projects below and in the how-to videos here. Watch him in action!

By Danny Seo | Photography by Allison Gootee


To decorate a pillow:

1. Find a letter in a font that you like -- the simpler the font, the better -- and blow it up on the computer. (Danny used Helvetica.) Print the letter and cut it out.

2. Place the lett er on a pillow and outline it with candy-colored safety pins.

3. After you've outlined, remove the paper and fill in the shape with more pins. Repeat on other pillows to spell out words or initials.

Danny's Tip

If you don't have a neutral, solid colored pillow to highlight the pins, pull the insert out of a patterned pillow cover.

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