Upcycling: Recycled Crafts

Green-decorating expert Danny Seo creates recycled crafts in his book Upcycling and came up with these easy, exclusive projects below and in the how-to videos here. Watch him in action!

By Danny Seo | Photography by Allison Gootee

Crafty Pot Holder

To build a trivet:

1. Arrange five wooden chopsticks together to make a large base hexagon, leaving about an inch between their ends.

2. Starting from the center, glue chopsticks on top, placing them at varying points as you go. Once dry, hot-glue smaller chopstick segments onto the bottom of the trivet (loosely following the original hexagon shape) for reinforcement.

3. Coat with a layer of glossy yellow spray paint. Let dry.

Danny's Tip

Make the design even easier with a square "grid" trivet at the base.

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