Rachael's Pet Rescue Stories

Pets have always been an important part of Rachael's life and thanks to many pet rescue foundations that are supported by Rachael's Rescue, our readers have been able to save suffering pups and share their story with us. Check out these real-life pet rescue stories and get inspired to join the movement!

Zena and Zack
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Zena and Zack

Zena, 5, and Zak, 3, were found abandoned and in bad shape in New Jersey. But the mother-and-son rottweilers were lucky enough to find a foster mom in Lysa DeLaurentis of Woodland Park Animal Control. "Zak's my little dancing billy goat -- he loves to prance," says Lysa. "And they both love attention!" Rachael's Rescue was founded to lend support to organizations helping dogs in need. Once it learned of the pair, funds were provided to help with visits to the vet and doggy treats.

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