DIY Easy Upgrade: Spray Paint Your Stuff

Bored with your stuff? Make it a crafternoon with these DIY Easy Upgrade Spray Paint Your Stuff projects.

Evette Rios and Alison Caporimo

Show off your soles
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Colorful Soles

Clean the bottom of the soles with alcohol and a cotton ball. Using painter's tape, completely cover any parts of the shoes that you don't want to color. Apply a thin layer of primer to the bottom of each shoe, prop the heels upside down on a shoe rack and let dry. Spray a thin coat of glossy color onto the soles. Wait about 30 minutes for the first layer to dry, then repeat. Once both coats are dry, remove the painter's tape.

For a twist on the classic pump...a black pump with a purple sole.
For a dazzling pop of color...a metallic heel with a teal sole .
For a sweet hint of hue...a nude shoe with a hot pink sole.

Paint Tip #1: Avoid a prime crime.
To get a deeply saturated, opaque look, use a gray primer before applying dark-colored spray paints. Stick to a white primer if you're using light, neutral or pastel hues.

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