Marvelous Manicures

With these marvelous manicures, you can be on-trend, right down to your fingertips.

By: Holly Crawford, Photo: Jonathan Kantor

Two-Tone Nail Tips
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Two-Tone Tips

1. Apply a clear base coat. 2. Apply one coat of opaque red polish and let dry. 3. Paint on one thin coat of glittery gold polish. 4. Dab the gold polish brush over the tips of your nails to lay down the most glitter, pressing lightly to pack in the flecks. Pat the brush down toward the center of each nail so the color fades into a jagged line. 5. Finish with a clear top coat

Bonus tip: Metallic and glittery polishes tend to rub off easily, so apply a durable top coat every week to help your style last.

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