Summer Beauty: Hair Care Tricks from Kyan Douglas

Kyan Douglas, Rach's hair buddy, shares his tips for caring for your hair during the summer.
Kyan Douglas
The Expert, Kyan Douglas
Rach's hair buddy
Goody Fashion Now headband

Q: I have a drawer full of cute hair accessories that I haven't worn in ages. Which ones will keep me on trend?
A: "Headbands, headbands, headbands," Kyan says. They're fast and easy, and will stay in place even on the most windswept boat trip. Pack a variety of materials and colors (sparkly or sporty) to streamline your look on weekend getaways.

Goody Fashion Now Headwrap

Q: I've had long hair for years and am ready for a change. What's a cool new "now" cut?
A: "Michelle Williams' pixie with a longer, sideswept bang is a softer, flattering-on-everyone cut," Kyan says. "The swingy bang gives a breezy sense of movement and femininity that a more severe look might be missing." Want a more cautious cut? Trim a few inches and add soft, long layers. As a rule, you should go shorter when your hair extends past your shoulders more than 1 1/2 times the length of your face.

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