Cook Up a New Look!

After conquering the Olympics of food holidays, Thanksgiving, our T-Day team deserved a reward. We called in Gretta Monahan, Rach's buddy and the author of the new book, Style and the Successful Girl. Behold the results, and score great tips of your own!

By Abbie Kozolchyk; Photography by Terry Doyle

In with the Old!
In with the Old!

Lex has a few style trademarks -- platinum hair, black eyeliner, bright lipstick and vintage hipsterwear -- and if anyone can rock them, she can. Still, she welcomed Gretta's help: "I'd love to stay true to my look and feel more pulled together." So as with all the women, Gretta aimed not to redo Lex but to refine her signature style and "put an exclamation point on it."

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