5 Easy Crafts with Maps

Upcycle old maps from your favorite vacation or destination into showstopping souvenirs with these do-it-yourself craft projects.

Allyson Dickman

Alphabet Bookends
Kate Sears
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Alphabet Bookends

Display your travel books and photo albums between personalized blocks.

Buy solid wood block letters that spell out or represent the city you visited. Trace the outline of each letter onto a map, then cut out the shape. Cover the face of the wood block with a thin coat of craft glue, then firmly press on the map outline. Trim the edges of the paper with an X-Acto knife if necessary. Let dry.

TIP!: Wrap it up!
To cover the sides of the block, measure its width, then cut long strips out of the map. Apply glue to the uncovered wood and firmly press the strips on top. Trim with an X-Acto knife.

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