How to Save Time, Face + Money

These three tidbits of information can save you cash, time and face when you're in a pinch, says Tom Parker, author of Rules of Thumb: A Life Manual.
Saving Time at the Drive-Through
help in a hurry

Before you pull up to the window, do a quick count: If there will be more than three cars in line ahead of you, pull into the parking lot. It'll be faster to order your food inside.


Saving Face at a Photo Op

Think you may have blinked during a photo? Close your eyes and check what color the spot you see is. If it's white, you didn't blink. If it's red, you probably did. Time for a do-over!


Saving Cash at the Coffeeshop

Before shelling out coin for hot coffee, make sure it's from a fresh pot. If the cream swirls up brown, the coffee's newly brewed. If it swirls up gray, that joe's been sitting on the burner way too long.