5 Real-Life Haunted Houses

Experience some authentic thrills and chills this Halloween: These creepy haunted houses across the United States all come with real-life scary pasts -- and a few not-so-friendly ghosts. We double-dare you to pay them a visit!

Besha Rodell

Fear Factor

The hulking house (now only four floors, due to damage from the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906) hides spirits in its dark recesses -- perhaps those of Sarah, her family or the unknowns she was hoping to escape.

In the séance room, visitors have reported stabbing pains, glimpses of women's silhouettes and (shudder) cold breath on their necks. The room also has a closet with no floor (looking straight down into the kitchen below) and an exit via a secret passageway -- if you can find your way out.

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