Road Trips for Food Lovers

If you've known and loved a BBQ trail in your day, or vineyard-hopped, we've got you next trip right here: five food routes that are oh so tempting. Immediate departure not an option? Get an edible preview with our exclusive regional recipes.

By Marge Perry, Illustration by Kate Bingaman-Burt, Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Marcus Nilsson
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You'll start out of curiosity, but be warned: Curds, squeaky, salty, peanut-size by-products of the cheese-making process, are a serious addition. The fresher they are, the louder they squeak when you bite into them, and some of the squeakiest are served at Henning's cheese factory, where they're made on weekdays. While there, be sure to taste the Colby cheese that took the gold in the 2012 World Championships.

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