36 Pumpkin Designs

This Halloween, make your stoop the pride of the neighborhood with a parade of pumpkins that will delight trick-or-treaters.

By Sarah Cave, Photography By: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Circus Tricks
Circus Tricks

Paint a medium pumpkin and three empty toilet paper rolls gray; let dry. Cut a sheet of gray construction paper in half and glue to the sides of the pumpkin for elephant ears. Take one toilet paper roll and use scissors to make a horizontal slit (to look like a smile!) in the roll about halfway down the roll -- be sure not to cut all the way through! Glue this "trunk" to the center of the pumpkin. Cut circles out of black or dark gray construction paper and glue to pumpkin as eyes. Cut the remaining toilet paper rolls in half and glue them to the bottom of the pumpkin for legs.

For the ball: Paint a mini pumpkin in white, let dry, then use painters or electric tape to section off the pumpkin into stripes (follow the natural lines of the pumpkin). Paint the exposed portions of the pumpkin red, let dry and remove the tape. Balance the elephant on top.

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