Play with Your Food!

Put a playful spin on your favorite foods with these out-of-the-box snacks, apps and sweets!

Food Styling by Victoria Granof, Recipe by Erika Lenkert, Photography by Dan Saelinger

Snow cone

It takes just a few minutes to assemble these treats with store-bought ingredients. First, melt white-chocolate chips or melts in a large skillet according to the package directions; roll waffle cones in the chocolate. Let them dry on wax paper, point side up. To build your treat, fill each cone with pieces of vanilla cupcakes cut to fit, then add a whole cupcake, making sure the top sits above the cone like a snowball. Frost the cupcake with white icing and decorate with stripes of red, white and blue sanding sugar (cover everything but the area you want to stripe with plastic wrap to keep colors separate). Now, take a big bite -- no need to worry about brain freeze!

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